Four-piece girl group R Rules are set to make a splash in the music scene with their empowering anthems.

Giving value to pop music through their hard work and universal appeal, the promising rookies are ready to share their unique music journey to inspire and bring joy to music fans all over the world. Previously signed under a different label, R Rules (formerly known as Japh Dolls) are composed of RIYO, RURI, REINA, RISA—all four of them, fluent in Filipino, English, and Japanese and are currently undergoing de rigeur trainee development program to hone their skills. Get to know the girls behind R Rules:

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“Through our music, we want to showcase women empowerment,” says the group. “Women can work hard and still enjoy life. We want to express how we can be independent and still be happy with our lives. Also, in terms of music genre, we are pop but more importantly, we will sound like our goals, visions, and anything that inspires it.”

Their compelling story and unique vision caught the attention of MCA Music Inc., which supported R Rules as they embarked on the new chapter of their music journey.

“We found about R Rules through my co-A&R Daddy A of Def Jam Philippines,” Lloyd ‘Tiny’ Corpuz, Senior A&R Manager Pop Label – UMG Philippines shares in a statement. “He endorsed the ladies to the team, and we happily took them in because of their story. They were a girl group before with a different name. But we want to approach things differently by starting from scratch. We want to guide them in every step of the way.”

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Tiny also praised the group for their hard work and dedication to achieve their dreams as artists. “There is that sense of ownership and accountability in what they do. They overflow with passion, and I really appreciate their core values as a group and as individuals. They’re a joy to work with, and each of them has a compelling story to tell.”

R Rules, in return, are happy to be part of MCA Music Inc.’s growing pop music roster, which includes some of the biggest household names in any genre—from Zack Tabudlo to Darren Espanto.

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“It has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us so we are beyond grateful to be part of MCA,” the girl group admits. “Working with the label so far, we are enjoying every bit of thing that is given to us and working with the team is such a blessing because of how they treat us. They are already like our 2nd family.

The rising pop sensation will be releasing their official debut single under MCA Music Inc. very soon and it’s definitely something to watch out for! Follow R Rules on their socials so you won’t miss a thing.







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