Just like any other aspiring musicians out there who dare to dream of becoming a star of their own someday, Mizael Tilos made sure that he’ll find ways to cut beyond the surface. And of course, passion will always open the doors. Eventually this Journalism major with a knack for singing lovely tunes got discovered by Soupstar Entertainment, the management known for handling popular local bands like Gracenote, Moonstar88, 6cyclemind, Imago, Sandwich and more. And viola, he quickly became part of the talented Universal Philippines artist roster as Mizael.

As a fresh face in the industry, he strives to be someone worth discovering by OPM lovers out there. His debut single “Wag Naman” is a sentimental track that’s not hard to fall in love with.

Lyrically, the acoustic-driven single explores the feeling of getting fed up with loving someone who’s not really ready to reciprocate the love that you’re giving. Sometimes it’s all about accepting the poignant reality that his/her heart is not really into your relationship, and with that, you have to finally set him/her free. The song has a miserably honest message with lines “Kahit na mahal kita / Kailangan ko ring mag tira / ‘Di masamang palayain ka / Kung may mahal ka na ring iba,” wrapped in his melancholic guitar chords.

He just broke into the music scene this 2021, but Mizael believes that he’s destined for bigger things. And with “Wag Naman”, the future is indeed bright and promising for this emerging artist. So, sit back, relax and drift away with Mizael’s warm strings.

“Wag Naman” is now out on digital music platforms and major streaming sites under Universal Records.

Stream “Wag Naman”:

Spotify | | Lyric Video Apple Music


Facebook: Mizael Tilos

Instagram: @mizael_tilos

Twitter: @mizael_tilos

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2QkiE8Wi27b66Q36nXVvrl?si=gYX0inJjQmeAQugu4Rndtw

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