Filipino singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis marks a monumental milestone in music with the official release of her Tower Sessions Live album under Sony Music Entertainment and a reunion concert featuring her iconic bands Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle.

Both celebrations honor her 25th anniversary in the local music scene as a woman who successfully navigated the realm of Pinoy rock with emotionally resonant songwriting and artistic independence.

Presenting a new arrangement of her old and new songs, Barbie Almalbis’ Greatest Hits live album was produced by Eric and Carlo Perlas of Tower of Doom, recorded by Kyle Cayton, and mixed/mastered by Simon Durias. It will also feature career-defining hits such as “Firewoman,” “Torpe,” “Tabing Ilog,” “The Dance,” “Goodnight,” and “Just A Smile,” along with fairly new tracks: “Days Are Long,” “Silaw,” “Tigre,” and “Kumpas,” the album’s carrier single.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to record our songs live, because we’re always rearranging songs as a band, and I think there’s something special that gets captured when the we play live together,” Almalbis shares. “My producers and collaborators did such a great job of making you feel like you’re at the gig. You can feel the power of the kick drum and the bass, and then have guitars blasting in your ear — in a pleasant way, of course.”

Aside from the release of Tower Sessions Live on digital platforms, Barbie Almalbis is set to headline her 25th Anniversary concert at 123 Block, Mandala Park on March 11 (Saturday), from 2pm onwards. Celebrating the impact of her music as a guide to many people’s journey in life, the show will reunite her with former bandmates in Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle.

Aptly titled Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis, the mini-music fest will also feature sets by some of the country’s finest acts, including Sandwich, Gab Alipe of Urbandub, Clara Benin, I Belong To The Zoo, Kai del Rio, and Bird.

Reflecting on her career as an artist, Almalbis expressed gratitude to her fans who have been supportive of her endeavors through the years. “I didn’t have so many plans growing up, but always just dreamt of playing music. I’m so grateful that I get to do this and share the experience with others too. I’m always touched by the support of my fans and friends, and really humbled and encouraged by their words and stories about how these songs have also become part of their journey.”

Barbie Almalbis’ Tower Sessions Live is now available on all digital platforms worldwide under Sony Music Entertainment.

Tickets to her upcoming concert, Firewoman:25 Years of Barbie Almalbis are available for purchase via TicketMelon. The event is presented by GNN Entertainment Productions, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, Backspacer Records, JB Music, Nova Wellness Store, D&D,  Smirnoff Mule, and 123 Block.

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