In a world where urban living spaces come at a premium, the Japanese are masters in achieving maximum comfort in the minimum of spaces. Cultivating the same principle to offer the perfect bathroom experience for the urban Filipino lifestyle, the Maxi-Compact, S200 LINE is a design concept born through this approach, maximizing both comfort and functionality within compact spaces. With INAX human-centric innovation and insightful design, Maxi-Compact achieves the ultimate balance of usability, beauty, and spaciousness in modest-size bathrooms.

Inspired by the Japanese rituals of water, the INAX S200 LINE bathroom collection reflects the brand’s design values of Essence, Sophistication, and Thoughtfulness to transform the bathroom experience of modern Filipinos living in compact urban spaces. The collection articulates all the functional essentials of an everyday bathroom that cater to the busy and fast-paced urban lifestyle.

Essence maximizes user comfort through functional products that complement confined spaces. Sophistication provides a modest touch of simple luxury to a compact environment, while Thoughtfulness echoes the considerate quality of the collection for fuss-free everyday life. The S200 LINE delivers the philosophies and values nurtured over the years by INAX to improve the daily lives of Filipinos.

Upholding hygiene and cleanliness

Culturally, the Japanese are known for ingraining hygiene and cleanliness in their values.  The S200 LINE demonstrates these values in products that are easy to clean and fuss-free in maintenance.

The one-piece and close-coupled toilets both feature the proprietary INAX Aqua Ceramic technology, which inhibits waste attachment and watermark build-up. The powerful vortex flush pushes the water out from two top openings, resulting in a stronger flush and cleaner bowl.

With just one quick sweep in the rimless interior, the toilet bowls are kept pristine and clear. The toilet exteriors feature a curved skirted design for easy cleaning and the dual flush buttons are designed to encourage water-saving usage through the application of INAX Blue color, clearly indicating full or half flushes when in use.

Maximizing comfort and convenience in minimal spaces

Widely known for mastering the use of small spaces, INAX addresses consumers’ arising demand for comfort whilst in compact urban spaces. The S200 LINE toilets come with shorter depths to create more bathroom space for ease of movement. For enhanced comfort, the toilet seats are put through rigorous comfort tests and feature comfortable seats that are wider for the perfect user fit.

For utmost convenience, the S200 exposed shower system has a mixer that doubles as a tray for showering necessities like soap and shampoo. It is also designed with a side hook for hanging other bathing essentials. Switching between the overhead shower and the hand shower is simple with an intuitively designed control. The large SQUOVAL-shaped overhead shower envelopes the user in a full-body shower, while the Aqua Power pressure booster hand shower delivers an indulgent experience even in a low water pressure condition.

Functionality meets design and sophistication

The S200 LINE collection includes semi-countertop and wall-hung compact-sized basins that feature ample rimmed decks for placing daily necessities. Designed with INAX expertise and craftsmanship, the basins’ shape and depth prevent water from splashing out – ideal for multi-purpose use like hand washing delicate linen.

These basins in the S200 LINE collection are engineered with the Aqua Ceramic technology, a super-hydrophilic layer on top of ceramic products to make maintenance effortless for easier and more enjoyable everyday life.

The collection features a basin mixer that ensures an even better washing experience with an elevated spout position. In fact, the aerator’s adjustable angle makes the S200 LINE basin mixer compatible with a vast range of basins. A slight indentation on the underside of the basin mixer’s handle provides an easy grip even with soapy hands. For a more intuitive use, the signature INAX Blue color appears each time the mixer is in use. Finally, the basin mixer’s tapered base makes it a breeze to clean and wipe down.

All these attentive design details make for a pleasing bathroom experience.

Comfort and compactness in one

Engineered for optimal performance, the S200 LINE one-piece toilet offers a new smart combination of comfort and compactness. The toilet is slightly shorter in height from the bowl to the top of rim which is what sets it apart from typical toilets of similar types.Its  convenient height makes  the bathroom feel more spacious and easy to move around. At the same time, it is designed to provide urban spaces with plenty of room for additional comfort—its 840 mm wide toilet depth, 1600 mm height, and 720 mm width allow more clearance at the front especially in minimal spaces and this has been verified through rigorous comfortability tests.  It is specifically designed for practical urban living, where bathroom space may be limited.

The artisanal world of aesthetic bathroom tiles

Complementing modern Filipino living while still upholding the century-old heritage of producing high-quality tiles, the S200 LINE collection allures modern vertically patterned tiles specially designed to create visual spaciousness in smaller bathrooms. Inspired by bamboo forests which have long been a symbol of enlightenment and flexibility to Filipinos, these artisanal tiles instill fresh lightness into an enclosed space. S200 LINE truly presents exquisite Japanese aesthetics and function in space-limited Filipino bathrooms, supporting comfort and convenience for busy lifestyles.

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