Pandemic truly change our lives in many ways, it also paves many ways in order for us to survive and be healthy in many things as possible, and one of that is Lagundi, a herbal medicinal plant commonly use to treat any cough issues in our body, yet this local medicine now evolve to another greater heights, it is now an anti-oxidant supplement.

RichCorp President Mr. Patrick Roquel with Mr. Cesar Pecho (Head Farmer of RichCorp) and Dra. Elinor Tee-Roquel

Lagundi as proven in many research and studies, is now a health capsule to boost our immune system, to protect us not only from the threats of COVID-19, but also with other diseases that can harm and ruin our body.

Immune Advance with Lagundi capsule is now available in the market, certified with further studies and technological development, this old kind of herbal plant is now consider a protection, and prevention for all possible COVID related diseases, and other immune system attacker.

RichCorp Lagundi supplement manufacturer is also helping some community of farmers, they make sure that the farmers are also earning in planting this traditional medicine, it is their way of returning the favor, because not only they supply to some pharmaceuticals that uses Lagundi, but they also invest in creating their own supplement medicine, that is perfectly good for kids, adults and even older people.

available in Lazada and in Shopee.

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