First collaboration with MARNI presents timeless everyday wear with a playful touch

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of the UNIQLO and MARNI collection, its first collaboration with the Italian luxury fashion brand. This long-awaited collaboration with MARNI has produced a collection that is bold and brimming with playfulness, in a distinctively MARNI style. UNIQLO LifeWear typified by smart designs and technical expertise and the MARNI aesthetic characterized by unique shapes and colorful prints have been brought together in a wardrobe that is fresh and new, and can be enjoyed by everyone as everyday wear.

Yukihiro Katsuta, Fast Retailing Group Senior Executive Officer and Head of R&D for UNIQLO, commented, “We are proud of how this collaboration with MARNI has produced a collection for a new era and a new season that allows everyone to experience the joy of wearing clothes. The UNIQLO philosophy of clothing that is simple, high quality, functional, and ingenious in detail, imbued with MARNI’s creative vitality, has produced bold and innovative LifeWear. I am extremely pleased that we are able to offer this essential LifeWear collection that accentuates individual character and feelings in a positive way.”

Francesco Risso, Creative Director at MARNI, said, “I’ve been hugely excited about this collaboration since the start. Throughout the whole process we have always championed Uniqlo’s ethos and the integrity that lies behind the brand’s vision, giving our interpretation of Uniqlo’s LifeWear through a slightly out-of-the-box proposition that combines impeccably crafted clothes with MARNI’s offbeat and life-embracing spirit. I really hope that wearers feel good, that they feel themselves, that they feel free.”

Colors and Prints

The staple items characteristic of UNIQLO provide a blank canvas for the distinctive use of color that is synonymous with MARNI, along with pop-style, warm graphic prints created especially for this collection presented in larger and smaller iterations in an arresting play on proportions. In contrast to monochromes and patterns, the added twist provided by relaxed silhouettes and bold balloon volume updates staples for everyday use. Building on the theme of “universality,” this is a lineup concealing unlimited possibilities that seems to draw out optimism in the everyday.

Style and Design

The beautiful proposition created through relaxed yet considered silhouettes, such as a dynamic cocoon silhouette BLOCKTECH coat, and pajama set with a drape that seems to flow, can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. The Balloon Skirt in the WOMENS line features diagonal pleating that give it a light and volume-enhancing look and can be matched with a sleeveless blouse in the same color palette for a coordinated look. The MENS line includes a tailored jacket and pants with a distinctively MARNI touch. The lineup of gingham prints and solid colors is styled in an effortless silhouette perfectly suited for the current trend toward exquisite ease. The pocketable parka in a supple nylon material is an all-purpose item that pairs well with swim shorts for an active and stylish summer.
衣料, ドレス が含まれている画像

自動的に生成された説明衣料, ドレス, シャツ が含まれている画像

自動的に生成された説明櫛, ボトル が含まれている画像

自動的に生成された説明衣料, ドレス が含まれている画像


低い精度で自動的に生成された説明衣料, コート, シャツ が含まれている画像


自動的に生成された説明衣料 が含まれている画像

自動的に生成された説明衣料 が含まれている画像


OUTERWEARPhp 2,490 – Php 7,990CUT & SEWNPhp 990 
PANTS/SKIRTSPhp 1,490 – Php 2,490DRESSESPhp 1,490 – Php2,990
SHIRTSPhp 1,490 – Php 1,990INNER WEARPhp 590

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