Uplive WorldStage Grand Champion Zandy Storm

Media friends, bloggers, influencers, artists gathered at the recently held 2021 Uplive WorldStage Press Event at Novotel Hotel, Araneta City, and were  welcomed by the CEO and co-founder of Asia Innovations Group, Mr. Andy Tian.

Among the virtual and face to face attendees were Uplive USA CEO Christine Xu, Uplive Head of Business Development in USA, Latin America and Philippines Carlos Frogoso,1st ever Uplive WorldStage Grand Champion Zandy Storm, Uplive Broadcasters Kaye Eliseo, Miguel Gajudo, JV Masangcay, Taki, Uplive Broadcasters, Prescon Hosts ZZA Bravo and Gile Sigua, Direk Ricky Rivero and JBK.

Christine Xu, Uplive USA CEO

Business Development Specialists Cristy Encenares (TYN), Winston Crueda (Boxer Tan), Joy Anastacio (Yulle), Hiro Chan, Kristina Magatas (Miss Asia), all agreed that Uplive has changed their lives in a good way, financially, mentally and emotionally.

Their common statements are “ Uplive is a great help for us in the entertainment industry, it offers great income opportunities, and also eases the loneliness of OFWs. It connects people from all over the globe, it enables us to showcase our talents, share, interact, earn from the comforts of our homes.”

As sources may attest, Uplive has been existing for five years already, founded in May 2016 as part of Asia Innovations Group (AIG) and is a live-streaming platform that allows users to broadcast and view real-time videos via smartphones. It has more than 200 million registered users worldwide, making it the largest independent video social entertainment platform in the world outside of China and is available in more than 100 countries. Twitter recently recognized Uplive as one of the most influential international brands in 2019.    In fact, Uplive was part of India’s accelerated digitalization and now has made several Indian talents known internationally, including Prince Nerula, winner of MTV Roadies 12, as well as Arshi Khan and Naina Singh of Reality TV.

Carlos Frogoso, Uplive Head of Business Development in USA, Latin America and Philippines

Aside from India, another country where Uplive’s presence is felt is in Brazil. It was launched in the country in May 2020 and because of the pandemic, the app gained more attention since work from home is the new norm and online entertainment and social interaction platforms became the “go to” activity of people to keep sane. Here, hosting is their main interest and the country has brought to Uplive fresh talents who excel in this field.

In 2019, Uplive was crowned as the Highest Paying Platform for Broadcasters in 2018. Yes, Uplive has set itself apart from competitors by providing the highest quality streaming content across a massive global audience, combined with its gamified interactions and industry leading virtual gifts, and created the highest per hour income platform for live stream broadcasters. The mission of Uplive is assisting people all around the world to fulfill their dreams.

And just like any launch in a grand scale, Uplive announces its second annual global live streamed singing competition, Uplive WorldStage. Formerly known as Singing for the World, WorldStage is judged by Emmy/Grammy award winner Paula Abdul and is done by peer-voting. Last year’s competition drew over 4,000 participants from 20 regions around the world, and this year’s contest has expanded to over 150 participating regions. The grand prize includes a hit song and video produced by a Grammy producer, as well as a recording contract. The competition is the latest example of Uplive’s commitment to empowering creators with cutting-edge technology while providing a global stage upon which to showcase their talents.

According to the renowned singer, “I am thrilled Uplive invited me back for another exciting year of outstanding worldwide singers. I was really impressed with the vast talent competing last year and I am sure it will be even bigger and better this year. Singing has been a passion for me, I enjoy sharing my experience with these young talented singers and have a positive impact on their career and life.”

In addition to Ms. Abdul, the preliminary competition will be auditioned and mentored by a group of high-level music producers, Grammy songwriters, record label executives and accomplished singers including BlacChyna@blacchyna, Casper @casper, Montana Tucker,  Nathan T Wang (famous Asian American music composer, director, Grammy and Oscar winner),  Jackie Rivera (Famous Latin Singer, Jenni Rivera’s daughter),  Willie Baker (Grammy Nominated Producer), Ray De La Garza (Former Radio Disney VP, Record label owner), Chris Rosa (Grammy Nominated Producer), Lisa Chen (Producer, Singer, Philanthropist, and World Madam Global Chairwoman), and famous singer Sisi Zhang. Famous musician Kenny G, Latin Billboard Artist Luis Coronel, Larry Hernandez and many trending socialites and influencers also sent their shout out videos.

The month-long competition will be streamed live 24 hours a day and will include head-to-head PK battles and a “party mode” where mentors, judges and viewers can participate. The top 100 finalists will receive talent host contracts from Uplive. There will be two top winners, one crowned by Paula Abdul as the overall winner and one “People’s Choice” winner crowned by other judges and viewers.

Both winners will receive $5000 in prize money, a virtual mentoring session with industry leaders, a recording contract, and a personalized song written by Grammy nominated producers. Winners will also have a chance to record or join Uplive Boy Bands or Girl Bands in cooperation with KDS studios, which has produced albums for some of the biggest artists in the U.S. including Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Usher, and Christina Aguilera. The competition starts December 7th, and for more information, visit https://www.upliveworldstage.com/2021.

“Uplive continues to empower talent around the world, allowing artists to pursue their dreams while remaining connected to their roots,” said Andy Tian, CEO of AIG. “The global reach and local relevance of Uplive WorldStage is made possible by the cutting-edge technology we deliver to our users, giving them a seamless digital experience that enhances artistic expression and entertainment.”

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