Kojie.san, one of the top beauty brands in the Philippines, is thrilled to mark a monumental milestone–more than a decade of empowering women in Indonesia to take ownership of their choices and their definitions of beauty, at a time when different voices in society tend to dictate and impose what is beautiful.

A brand synonymous with confidence, boldness, and the celebration of diversity, Kojie.san, along with other brands under BEVI (Beauty Elements Ventures Inc.), has become one of the leading names in the skincare industry in Indonesia, now readily available in thousands of leading health and beauty stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores, attaining remarkable year-over-year growth.

Through innovative and effective products that enable its users to feel good in their skin, Kojie.san made its way to Indonesian hearts since its arrival in 2012–when the brand officially partnered with PT UICCP Indonesia, BEVI Philippines’ local distributor in the country.

As BEVI celebrates its more than ten years in the Indonesian market, the company is not just paying tribute to the past, but reshaping the future of revolutionary beauty.

Coinciding with the successful launch of new products in Manila, the celebration of Kojie.san’s first decade in Indonesia took place on October 2, 2023, at Bengkel Space, one of the renowned event spots in downtown Jakarta’s Central Business District.

Jun Matos, BEVI Corporate Managing Director, expressed his thoughts on the occasion in his opening remarks, “Bringing Kojie.san to the shores of Indonesia seemed impossible to me, given the limited knowledge about its culture and business environment, and its consumers. All we have is confidence that our product, Kojie.san, will work its very best for consumers, and it will be widely-accepted.”

“Tonight proves our commitment to our mission: to continue to build and innovate phenomenal brands that will have an impact on our business and most especially, on consumers,” he adds.

(L-R) Jazmine Estorninos, BEVI Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. Global Sales Officer; William Djuhadi – PT UICCP Indonesia HR & GA Manager; Fanny Chandra, PT UICCP Indonesia Brand Executive; Ms Jazz Burila, BEVI Beauty Elements Ventures Inc President & CEO; Andreas Maliwa, PT UICCP Indonesia President Director; Limneo Matos Jr., BEVI Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. Corporate Managing Director and Redge Burila, Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing Inc. President

As part of this remarkable milestone, BEVI also launched a range of new products in the Indonesian beauty market: Kojie.san Skin Lightening Super Serum, Kojie.san Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ and Kojie.san Suncare line: Kojie-San SunProtect SPF50+ PA+++, Defensil Pimple Defense products, Danarra Aromatic Massage Oils, and Beauty Prime Skincare Concentrates, a promising skincare brand that will soon be introduced in the Philippines.

Jazz Burila, BEVI President and CEO, promises that the company will remain a driving force in empowering women to take ownership of their beauty, saying, “Moving forward, we are poised to commence the next decade-long journey with definite determination; we are dedicated to pushing the limits in crafting products that will establish a profound connection with the Indonesian market.”

During the event, BEVI also treated its guests with exciting raffles, games and prizes, and performances from Yovie & Nuno, a much-loved Indonesian brand.

As Kojie.san marks its more than a decade in Indonesia, it continues to inspire and empower, by making more beauty choices accessible, thereby enabling individuals to define their own standards of beauty.

With a steadfast commitment to push for beauty that commands, Kojie.san looks ahead to an even brighter future, where beauty is timeless, and knows no boundaries.

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