Most skincare enthusiasts have an established routine for the face and body, but few give their underarms the same level of TLC. The truth is, this sensitive area is just as prone to roughness as the rest of your skin. If you’re on the lookout for the best way to address these concerns, here’s good news! Hello Glow has launched its newest high-quality underarm care offerings: the Hello Glow Whitening Quelch Serum Deo Cream and Hello Glow Rejuvenating Quelch Serum Deo Cream to help you achieve brighter and softer underarms.

The Whitening Quelch Serum Deo Cream contains triple whitening active ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate underarm goals in no time. It is also formulated to accelerate the skin renewal process to restore your skin back to its natural tone. With a combination of kojic and glutathione, this serum deo cream is able to regulate the production of sweat and prevent bad odors, lighten dark underarms, protect and hydrate the skin, and provide a skin-smoothening effect.

For underarms with textured and uneven skin tone, there’s Hello Glow Rejuvenating Quelch Serum Deo Cream which contains powerful ingredients with color correct complex that work on the skin’s surface and deep into the pores to help brighten and restore the natural tone of the skin – not just making it lighter, but smoother and softer as well! The addition of Niacinamide acid also helps keep breakouts at bay, while Tranexamic acid targets post-acne hyperpigmentation for an extra boost in brightening.

Taking your underarm care to the next level with these serum deo creams can easily be done in just a few simple steps. Start with clean, dry underarms. Then, take a small amount of cream and apply it evenly to both underarms. Next, gently massage the cream into your skin until fully absorbed. Lastly, be sure to use daily to achieve the best results. Whether you’ll be staying indoors or will be out and about, these two products also have an ultra-soft cream texture that provides antiperspirant and anti-bacterial effects that can last up to 48 hours after application without leaving white or yellow marks on clothes so you won’t have to shy away from waving your arms high and bid farewell to those dark and sweaty underarms.

Unlock the secret to brighter, fresher, smoother, and healthier underarms in no sweat with the newest Hello Glow Whitening Quelch Serum Deo Cream and Rejuvenating Quelch Serum Deo Cream. Raise your confidence with unfiltered underarms! These products are available for only PHP 295.00 each at Hello Glow’s official online store in Lazada, Shopee, Tiktok Shop, and Official Ever Bilena Resellers.

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