The piña weaving competition is on its 4th year at this point in pandemic times.  Since the competition started, a resurgence of piña textile production has become evident.  Every year, the quality of the entries improve on the entries of the previous year.  The skills too of the weavers have risen to higher proficiency and we have seen the revival of forgotten or discarded weaving techniques.

Competition stimulates creativity indeed.

This year, although there will be no physical Likhang HABI Market Fair at the Glorietta, the 4th Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition will be held.  The call for entries has been posted on HABI’s website and social media platforms.  Aside from the prizes graciously sponsored by Mrs. Lourdes Montinola,  two new awards from other patrons will be given: the EN Barong Filipino award for an outstanding young weaver under 30 years old and The Filip + Inna Innovation prize.

Piña fiber artisans eagerly anticipate this competition to showcase their exceptional creations.  Therefore, we can look forward to entries that are actual works of art.  The entries will be posted online and exhibited at the Silver Lens Gallery From November 13 – 20.  The exhibition can be viewed by appointment.  The awarding of winners will be on November 19 via Zoom.

As of the deadline for submissions on October 30, 44 entries have been received, many from young weavers under 30 and several innovative pieces.

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