Calling all art lovers and collectors!

The Santuario de San Antonio Parish Francisfest joyfully presents SpectaculART 2: An auction of art, jewelry and homeware. Both pristine and pre-loved pieces are up for grabs!

The proceeds of the auction shall assist in the numerous Social Services and development ministries of SSAP and its sister parishes.  

SpectaculART 2 will feature Fine Jewelry, Estate, Artisan and an assortment of diamonds, pearls and colored stones.

Quartz Marquise by Janina Dizon
Hand-beaded headdress from the Kuchi nomads of Afghanistan. There aren’t very many of them left practicing their traditional nomadic lifestyle since some have become farmers or settled in towns and cities, and with the present situation, they will probably be dispersed further, making this piece a prized cultural and artisanal relic.
Albino horn 3 layer rings necklace by Silnag

The homeware collection will feature European, Asian, and locally sourced pieces ranging from antique, vintage, and contemporary furniture and home décor.

Thai Low Chairs and Table set
Nganga Betel Nut Box Set

This year, SpectaculART 2 shall showcase a carefully curated selection of meaningful works created by esteemed artists namely: National Artist for Visual Art Carlos “Botong” Francisco, Impy Pilapil, Romeo Tabuena, and Anita Magsaysay Ho. Unique pieces by renowned Filipino Visual Artists Gus Albor, Ramon Diaz, Jojo Guingona, Noli Principe Manalang, Isabel Campa, Ivy Lim and Marivic Rufino are pooled together in a celebration of Philippine Art  in the last few decades. Unique prints by Salvador Dali and John Lennon will also be for sale.

Anita Magsaysay Ho print
Paalam, Anak II 
Executed by noted social realist Egay Talusan Fernandez, at the inception of the pandemic in 2020, at a time when mystery surrounded the Corona virus. Many doctors and nurses caught the virus from their patients and surroundings. Many died.
Paalam Anak II depicts a mother, tucking in her daughter in bed, shortly before going off to her nightly hospital duties, not knowing whether this goodbye is for now or for all time.
by Impy Pilapil
Painted during that historical interlude between the assassination of Ninoy Aquino in 1983 and the Edsa Revolution in 1986. The economy was in shambles and people were getting restless. Pilapil’s silkscreens on double glass call to mind the confetti floating down in protest from buildings on Ayala Avenue, a prelude to the overthrow of the government.

SpectaculART 2 also gathers numerous up-and-coming artists to give them an opportunity to reach a wider audience and also to showcase their work.  They may just dominate the scene in the years to come.  A bid on their work gives a heartwarming sense of validation and accomplishment. A ray of positivity and inspiration during these troubled times.  A win-win situation.  

National Artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s LA JOTA captures the elegance and refinement of this Philippine dance. In this extraordinary work, Francisco portrays not only a dance routine; he also gracefully depicts the characters’ playful spirit. 
With a certificate of authenticity signed by Beatriz Ventoza

SpectaculaART kicked off its first edition last year in response to the pandemic and the quarantine restrictions imposed upon us.

So let us bid, buy and invest in art, jewelry and unique pieces for your home while helping the Santuario de San Antonio Parish Ministries.  Support SpectaculART 2.

Mary of Magdala Cross by Miladay
Emerald Waves by Seb Chua

ONLINE VIEWING BEGINS on September 25 at

PREVIEW of SELECTED ITEMS starts on September 25 in the San Antonio Parish Center. By appointment.

ONLINE BIDDING is from October 1 to 3 at

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